About Us

Hello, welcome to Monet Merch™ /  FineArtMerch.  I'm Gascondi.  As a young child I was always into drawing, coloring and art. As I grew up I continued to venture into anything art related which led me to the world of Fashion & Design... Graduated from FIT -Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC.

In this visual collection you’ll find art masterpieces that have been digitally restored to their original splendor. Although I like the idea of a little patina of age on a picture, because their condition is part of their story, the removal of discoloured varnish on an art work reveals the artist’s original colours beneath.

I take a picture back to its original, pristine state basically because that's what people want to see. People prefer the pristine picture over the grubby picture. Through the years, I've found that what is paramount is the product’s attractiveness to the consuming visitor, as a commodity, not its accuracy in cultural representation... Check out this RedBubble Review

Our statement pieces, inspired by the incomparable art of the most beloved of impressionist masters, Claude Monet, and pioneers of the abstract genre, such as Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, emphasize on creating conversation starters while knocking down labels and stereotypes.

We also create Bespoke products. We can customize any item on our site so you can have your favorite products personalized with your favorite artwork. Just go to Main Menu and click on 'Art on Demand'. Then, contact us with your artwork selection and we'll create a mockup for you.

For a better overview of the products we offer take a look at our Collections. And visit our sister store @ RedBubble, not a place to be missed if you like wearing your art!

Thanks for stopping by!